5 Ways To Turn Your Dorm Room Into The Ultimate Cozy Space To Hibernate In This Winter

January 20th, 2017 at 2:00am

The winter chill is enough to keep even the most dedicated snow lovers inside. But when staying in to binge on Netflix or having a wine and paint night, it’s important to do it in a space that reflects your personality, makes you feel comfortable, and, most importantly, relaxes you.

While the snowflakes continue to pile up outside, there are a few ways you can make your current living situation more homey. (Let the #RoomGoals commence.)

They’re arguably one of the trendiest items to add to any photo, but plants can be beneficial, too. Multiple studies have found that certain plants can filter the air. Not to mention a few green friends can spruce up your room and can brighten up any gray, drab winter day.

(Photo via @elizagracehuber)

Comfy bedding:
Your bed is basically your throne; it’s the place you rest, rejuvenate, and recover from an exhausting day. Whether you’re a fiend for high-thread count sheets or prefer a T-shirt jersey feel, there’s plenty of blankets, duvets, and comforters that will match the theme of your room. Keep in mind that neutral colors and dusty pastels can subconsciously promote relaxation; so those lavender throw pillows you’ve been eyeing are a justified purchase.

(Photo via @melissaepifano)

Oftentimes when our living spaces get messy we dread hanging out or relaxing in them. Having an organization system that includes items like baskets and wire containers can add to your style while keeping your clutter managed. Get creative with it too; use small bowls from your travels as jewelry holders or vintage mugs or vases for penholders.

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Personal touches:
Decorating with pieces and mementos of your interests and hobbies are great mood boosters and reminders of what you love. If you’re interested in books or a have a constant longing to travel stock your shelves with your favorite paperbacks and a coffee table with some chic hardcovers. Tack or tape up posters of Paris and photographs of islands you want to escape to.

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While many people recommend keeping your workspace and room separate, it can be tough for college students and interns who are living in small rooms or studios. But despite this you can still make a distinct difference between where you study and where you chill. Make sure you have a desk and comfortable chair, and avoid working from your bed (as hard as it may be). Stock up on stylish desk essentials that feel professional so your workspace can motivate you to get work done.

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