5 Ways to Get on a Healthy Track That Require Little to No Brain Power

February 6th, 2017 at 2:00am
5 Ways to Get on a Healthy Track That Require Little to No Brain Power

In the fast-paced environment of college life, it’s hard to juggle all of your responsibilities: classwork, extracurriculars, jobs, Netflix, and, oh, your health. While it is easy to wrap your head around how to tackle your other basic responsibilities (you have a test, so you have to study), knowing where to begin when it comes to be taking care of yourself and being health can be intimidating.

The reality is it’s pretty simple to start moving onto a healthier track in life. And it doesn’t taken endless hours at the gym or dropping your limited budget of weird teas. A lot of being healthy really takes no thought, time, or money at all!

Here are some easy tricks to kick your health into high gear without much thought!

Drink water…lots of it! You probably know by now that you should be drinking about eight glasses of water each day. However, not many people do this or keep track of how much they drink. Water has an endless amount of benefits. To make sure you get the fluids your body needs, get a reusable water bottle that has labeled the amount of water it holds! Start each morning with it filled to the highest mark. As the day goes on, keep track of how much you drink and when you refill it. It’s a great way to motivate you to finish your bottle!

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Walk to your destination! If you have time to spare when getting ready to leave your house, why don’t you walk to where you’re going? Maybe instead of catching the bus back to your place, you’ll take a walk back. It will help get more steps into your day. It’s also a great source of exercise if you don’t have time in your schedule to hit the gym!

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Stretch your way out of bed! Instead of hitting the snooze button, take those extra minutes to get up and stretch. It will help energize you and ease away any tension in your body. Look up a few stretches online that you can do when you wake up. Within a few minutes, your blood will be pumping and your body will be ready to tackle any task.

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Grab a fruit on your way out! On a college diet, it’s hard for some people to get the nutrients they need. Take advantage of the food available in your dining halls and grab a piece of fruit when you head out each time. It will be a healthy pick-me-up during breaks in between classes. That’s one piece of fruit for each meal, so you’ll get your daily fruit servings met in no time!

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Put yourself first before others! It can be easy to put other’s needs before ours. Remember this: you can’t take care of another person before you take care of yourself first! Take time out of your day to think Your health will improve greatly once you focus on your wants and needs.

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