5 Tips To Kill Your Blogger Game

5 Tips To Kill Your Blogger Game

It’s one thing to start up a blog and it’s another to actually keep it up. It may take only a few days to create your blog, but finding inspiration to continue can be pretty difficult (speaking from experience). CollegeFashionista is a great gateway to start up your own personal blog, so here are a few tips to kill your blogger game!

1—Find your niche. Every blogger has a theme that they write about. For example, you don’t really see beauty gurus write about home décor or DIYs, they write about beauty-related topics. Figure out what you love to write about and where you draw your greatest inspiration from.

2—Brainstorm.. I’m always brainstorming! Whenever you find inspiration, think of a new blog post. Whenever you go on a weekend trip or a lunch date, think of a new blog post. But, be careful not to copy or go too mainstream—make yourself stand out. As a newbie, I found writing about a certain series or writing reviews helped to maintain a steady flow of posts. You can always review new products or just continue off of a series.

3—Practice your photography and links. CollegeFashionista has helped a ton in terms of this tip. Every great blog post comes with easy links and great photos for some nice visuals. This is something that takes the time to hone to make the post as effective as possible.

4—Expand through your social media. Ths is yet another tip that CollegeFashionista helps with! Create your brand through your Instagram and Twitter. Don’t be afraid to let the world know when you’ve published a new post. Easy links to your website are made simple through your own Facebook page as well. Making a subscriber list through sites like MailChimp is also important for email blasts.

5—Push yourself. Once you start, it can be difficult to keep it up. Challenging yourself to think of new ideas, finding constant inspiration, and staying motivated is key! Always be sure that you love the direction your blog is going and you’ll be sure to succeed.

Do you have a blog? Has CollegeFashionista inspired you to do something? Let us know in the comments below.