5 Tea Trends You Need to Try Now

5 Tea Trends You Need to Try Now

Bubble tea is a delicious drink but there is more to tea than tapioca pearls. Here are five tea trends that will heat up your summer.

1—Taste the tea rainbow
. We have all heard of black and green teas, but white, silver, and yellow teas are making a big splash. You can try single-blend teas that contain one type of tea from the same country or blended tea which combines elements of tea and herbs that tantalize your taste buds. Each tea has its own awesome health benefits. Spend some time at Teavana and find your own personal pot of gold.

2—Drink some mold. No seriously. Fermented tea or “kombucha” is considered by the Chinese to be the “immortal health elixir.” Add this delightful drink to your morning or evening ritual by picking some up in the juice section of your grocery store. Are you adventurous? You can even brew your own.

3—Reconnect and reflect. 
Teatime is a chance to take a moment in the middle afternoon to chat with a friend or have a moment to write in your gratitude journal and snack on a couple of your favorite cookies. If you have gone low carb or gluten free, no worries, try a savory tea treat like prosciutto-wrapped asparagus, beet with goat cheese, or serrano ham-wrapped melon.

4—Soak it up. 
Tea is also a terrific addition to our beauty routine. The antioxidants in green tea have fantastic benefits for our skin and hair.

5— Sweet dreams. We haven’t talked about herbals and these really don’t contain tea at all. However, these blends are fabulous before bed. The warmth in a cup of chamomile or peppermint can ensure that we get our beauty sleep.

Which tea trends will you try? Let us know in the comments below!