5 Road Trip Essentials—Fashionista Edition

August 1st, 2017 at 2:00am

I’ve become a road trip queen after four years of driving from the Midwest to the East Coast and exhausting 13-hour journeys. Luckily for you, I’ve broken down rest stops and gas stations to a science. Sleeping in small spaces has become my specialty. Recognizing license plates from different states is a breeze. I’m here to share with you some of my road trip wisdom.

1—Entertainment. When I first started traveling, I was so nervous that I would become bored that I packed every form of entertainment imaginable. Even though 13 hours seems like a long time, it really goes by quicker than you’d imagine. Avoid overpacking, since you’re going to be confined to a small space for a long time. Now, I just bring a good book and my phone. The rest of the time I spend sleeping, talking to my family, or scenery watching.

2—Healthy snacks. A healthy snack goes a long way, and trust me, fresh fruits and vegetables will cost you an arm and a leg at rest stops. Gas stations will tempt you with junk food that will leave you feeling foggy and cause breakouts or bloating. Packing fresh fruits and veggies and bringing a reusable water bottle will save you money while keeping you feeling refreshed.

3—Sleepwear. The best way to kill time is to take a nap. I know all you Fashionistas are always super busy dominating the world, so why not take this time to catch up on some beauty rest? Some people like the traveler’s pillow that goes around the neck, but I like to bring a big plush pillow that I can lean against the window. A sleeping mask will block out the harsh sun, and a good pair of earbuds can block out any unwanted music. Ditch the bulky headphones that make it harder to rest your head.

4—Makeup and moisturizer. I never wear makeup during a road trip because it can get greasy and smudgy. Instead, I pack a small makeup pouch with my essentials that I apply right before I make it to my destination. It includes eyeliner, mascara, a blush and highlighter duo, a small bottle of perfume, and tinted lip balm. Before the ride, I like to apply a good coat of moisturizer to keep my skin because the air conditioning can be harsh and drying.

5—The perfect outfitI am a firm believer that you never have to give up style for comfort. It is completely possible for those to go hand in hand! I chose this super chic jumpsuit that makes me look put together. The lightweight fabric is breathable and super comfortable. Avoid anything that is too tight or wrinkles easily. I paired my jumpsuit with sandals from Kensie and a cute tote that’s big enough for all my essentials.

Where are you traveling to next, and what will you be bringing? Let me know in the comments below.