5 Fun in the Sun Essentials

5 Fun in the Sun Essentials

Happy first days of summer, Fashionistas! Everyone knows that the summer is the perfect time to have fun by the pool—that is unless you live in New York City. Living in a city, there are only subways and tall buildings, so when you want to have some fun in the sun, you meet up with your friends at the park! The park can be a really fun time if you bring the right things, so I created a list of essentials to make sure your day at the park is just as fun as a day by the pool.

1—Blankets and snacks. If you’re like me, you do not want to be sitting on the moist grass. I always make sure to bring a blanket to sit on so that I don’t risk getting my cute, new shorts dirty. I always make sure to bring some energizing snacks, too. The hot weather of the summer can easily make you dehydrated. Make sure to pack plenty of water and refreshing snacks, like watermelon, to keep you hydrated for your day in the sun!

2—Picture this. With the summer sun giving you irresistible lighting all day, it’s a must to take a camera with you outside! Whether it’s taking a selfie, a group photo, or even a picture of your dog, taking photos helps get your mind off the heat while saving great memories of your day. Another way to take your mind off the heat is to bring fun board games or adult coloring books to share. It’s super easy to throw in a backpack and provides hours of fun!

3—Stay cool in the shade. The summer sun is blinding at times, so make sure to take a pair of sunglasses when you leave the house. In this look, I’m wearing black, translucent shades to add as a simple accessory to my saturated red lipstick.

4—Bring a pet. What’s great about New York City is that most of their parks are dog-friendly. So why not bring along a cute little pup? From running around or teaching it some new tricks, having a pet tag-a-long is a great way to have fun at the park!

5—Haircare. The sun can really make you sweat, especially when you have long hair. In this look, I decided to do two Dutch braids that fell into loose pigtails! It’s super simple, cute, and gets your hair out of your face.

The summer is a great time to relax, so why not enjoy the great outdoors? Fun in the sun doesn’t mean you have to be tanning by the pool, so whether you’re at the pool or the park, enjoying the sun with friends, family, or even your pet, can make the sun seem a whole lot brighter!

What’s your favorite way to have fun in the sun? Comment below or tag us in your best fun in the sun photos by tagging @cfashionista!