The 5 Best Fashion Flicks on Netflix Right Now

The 5 Best Fashion Flicks on Netflix Right Now

Falling down the rabbit hole that is Netflix is not hard. We’ve all done it. Especially now without the huge load of schoolwork us college students face, it’s easier than ever to find time to binge watch a show or watch a couple movies in one sitting. While there’s a plethora of shows worth watching on Netflix right now, there’s a few fashion-related hidden gems that absolutely cannot be missed. So grab your coziest blanket, pop that popcorn, and be prepared to get inspired because I’ve rounded up the five best movies and series on Netflix that Fashionistas adore.

1—Gossip Girl. Whether you already know who Gossip Girl is or not, this series is absolutely worth watching for the fashion alone. Serena, Blair, and the whole cast of NYC socialites have their own personal styles nailed down to a T. From preppy like Blair to effortless like Serena, there is endless OOTD inspiration to be found in this series. Not to mention serious wardrobe envy—S and B drop designer names like it’s their job.

2—The Carrie Diaries. Before there was a weekly column in the New York Star, a closet full of Manolo Blahniks, or a certain Mr. Big, there was Carrie Bradshaw, the teenager from New Hampshire. This series depicts one of fashion’s most beloved characters as a girl not much different than you and I. Young Carrie juggles school, friends, internships, boys, and a love for the big city all while wearing a wardrobe that highlights only the best of the ’80s.

3—Girlboss. Sophia Amoruso. We know her, we love her, and it’s safe to say some of us may even idolize her. Girlboss is a “loose retelling” of Sophia’s story and the creation of Nasty Gal. Let me tell you, Sophia’s drive, hustle, and amazing personal style will leave you nothing short of inspired.

4—Dior and I. This documentary follows Raf Simmons, current creative chief officer for Calvin Klein, through the creation of his first couture season as creative director of Dior. Dior and I takes fashion lovers inside the house as an entire couture collection develops right before their eyes for a real up close and personal view of the world of couture. If we’re being honest, I once rented this movie on a plane and cried my eyes out because the inspiration was just too much to handle.

5—The First Monday in May. This movie will give a Fashionista all the feels. It shows every detail of the process of putting together the legendary Metropolitan Costume Institute’s exhibit in a behind-the-scenes tour that goes from the drawing board all the way to the big night itself. There are an unbelievable amount of breathtaking garments shown, plus there are interviews with a slew of amazing designers, Anna Wintour, and even a Rihanna cameo.

Which fashion flick is on the schedule for your next night in? Sound off in the comments below!