4 Ways to Embrace the “Power” of Flower Power

I’ve always been obsessed with flowers. (TBH, what girl isn’t, right?) And one flower type and purpose doesn’t fit all. Some girls oggle over roses; others smile for sunflowers.

Treating yourself to a lovely-smelling bouquet of flowers once in a while is an instant mood booster during times of high stress or just because. Once they dry up, there are still so many artistic ways you can make good use of them in your space! Hang them on your walls or press them for a one a kind bookmark. Just surround yourself with flowers and your spirit will match up with that wonderful spring-like energy!

Below are some examples of how I’ve used flowers!

1—No vase? No problem! Put them in your pockets or your hair to that flower power with you wherever you go.

2—A dried bouquet and a few thumb tacks can create the ultimate wall art. 

3—One of my favorite “treat yo’ self” activities is going on a flower bouquet buying trip with a good friend. You’re surrounded by love and flowers!  

4—If you have to get rid of your flowers before they dry up for whatever reason, press them in a journal or a book you love! It’s always a fun surprise to find when looking back in old journals or rereading a favorite novel.  (All photos by @sarahgargano29!)