4 Coping Skills That Saved My Summer

4 Coping Skills That Saved My Summer

Mental health and wellness are both very tricky subjects. Not everyone is able to claim balance in their lives; no one I know feels grounded 100 percent of the time. Regardless of my personal struggles with mental well-being, coping skills have always been a major tool in my overall healing. Whether you grapple with mental illness, or just get too stressed out before finals, coping skills are absolutely an asset for you to use! In this article, I’ve highlighted four skills that have drastically benefited my summer health.

1— Creative expression. One major outlet I use for stress relief is making visual art. Now I certainly don’t claim to be an artist. However, more often than not, just putting a pencil to paper and letting go of my current stressors is a cathartic experience. I love to draw, but I have friends who find solace in painting, singing, and even coloring. It doesn’t matter what medium you choose, as long as you’re finding peace in creativity.

2— Reading. For some, reading can be a chore. But the magic of reading transcends books. The ability to get lost in someone’s frightening, beautiful, or harrowing world, is a form of escape that can help people to relax and unwind. I enjoy reading poetry on a summer day because I feel that I can connect more quickly and easily to an author’s narrative than if I was reading a novel. If a form of escape is what you need, but reading is absolutely unbearable, consider an audio book, or a favorite Netflix flick.

3— Planning. Planning for the future or even the next few days can be very scary. However, being organized with a schedule will relieve stress and inspire long-term goals. For the fun factor in something that might seem tedious, I decorate my planner with stickers, and I use colorful pens and highlighters.

4— Relaxation. As important as it is to plan ahead and get organized, it’s also imperative to take a breather once in a while for mental stability. I enjoy yoga, drinking tea, and I’ve even dabbled in meditation. The trick for all these coping skills is to explore and find what works for you. What you love might not be what keeps me well. And when times get tough, remember to take a deep breath. You got this gorgeous!

Do you have any coping skills that you can’t live without? Let me know in the comments below!