4 Apps You Need to Become Well-Informed

June 20th, 2017 at 2:00am
4 Apps You Need to Become Well-Informed

As a college student, I know how difficult it can be to stay up-to-date with everything that’s happening in the world. With every passing second a new story is surfacing, and it’s imperative you know what is going on. Thanks to our phones and free Wi-Fi, information is accessible within seconds. We no longer have an excuse to be ill-informed.

By being familiar with current events, you can have conversations that are not just centered around superficial topics. You’ll be able to show the world that you are a true #GirlBoss, who is knowledgeable and capable of making informed decisions. Below are a list of apps that you can use to stay informed. Instead of scrolling through Instagram, take a quick look at these apps and learn about what’s going on around the globe.

Bloomberg News

Bloomberg News focuses on providing business and economic information; this is the perfect app for business students. The app features several article categories including: markets, technology, and politics. The optional push notifications provide real-time updates of groundbreaking stories.


TED Talks are informative presentations that range in subjects such as modern technology and cultural differences. The app provides curated playlists that allows the viewer to tune into talks that interest them. The app includes a download feature that allows you to watch talks on the go without killing your data plan. Instead of catching up on your newest Netflix series, binge-watch a few TED Talks to learn about new ideas and concepts.

Overcast: Podcast Player

This app provides listeners hundreds of podcast options. The app makes it easy to discover a new series topic through algorithm-based suggestions. It also has an amazing feature called “Smart Speed,” which speeds up the words without affecting the speakers’ voices. This allows listeners to power through more episodes in a shorter amount of time. Put your headphones in and listen while on your morning commute to class.


The most difficult part about staying well-informed is finding biases within every news story, because each agency has a different agenda. The best way to find middle ground is by reading from different types of sources, which is where News360 comes in. This app gathers stories from a variety of sources. By selecting different topics that interest you, the app will create a feed of news stories that you can browse. News360 makes finding credible information easy.

These apps will make you a well-informed member of society, and professors will definitely enjoy having a student who knows what is going on in the world.

Leave a comment below about what you do to stay familiar with current events!