3 Ways to Have Fun This Summer

July 20th, 2017 at 2:00am

Summer is finally here. Having the opportunity to chill at home while doing nothing but watching TV and snacking feels like heaven. However, after a few days, these lazy habits start to feel like old news. You start to feel like you have enough energy to conquer the world. Whenever I feel this way, I make a list of activities to fill up my summer days and try to cross one off each day. Check out these three summer activities:

1—Write your anxiety away. Taking the time to write down your thoughts can make you feel good. We always have so much going in our head, so many thoughts invading our mind, that having a place to dump them feels like a relief. Journaling is a great way to get all of the bad thoughts out of the way and leave some room for good thoughts and ideas. There is no limit to what you can write or how often you can do this exercise. Just choose a cute notebook, a nice pen, and start writing. My favorite thing to do is to re-read what I wrote a few days earlier just to have some perspective and get a better view of what was going on back then.  

2—Set yourself up for an adventure. One of my favorite things to do when the sun starts peeking out from behind the clouds is bike. Biking is a great opportunity to explore your city and discover magical hidden spots you’ve never been to before. I can’t count the times where I grabbed my bike and a backpack and went out for a quick bike ride but ended up getting lost. That is when the adventure starts. You will always find yourself in a place you have been before but never really took the time to explore. Riding a bike gives you a completely different perspective and makes you start appreciating the beauty of the space around you. Sometimes you get the chance to witness some beautiful sunsets in the most picturesque settings.

3—Be a chef in your own kitchen. In a weird way, summer makes me feel more creative and more open to new opportunities/activities. Taking the time to go through a cookbook and try out a new recipe is one of those summer activities.

I love how cooking is such a sensory experience; every single sense is stimulated. The chopping, the sizzling, the smells… It is definitely the most exciting part about cooking. Of course, being able to devour your meal right after is not that bad of a part either. Come on! Put some music on and get to it!


What are your favorite activities to do in the summer? Let us know by commenting down below and tag @CFashionista in your photos on social media!