3 Tips On How to Live a Positive Life

If someone had told me a few months ago that I was going to be a Style Guru on CollegeFashionista I would have laughed so hard because of how negative I used to be.

Back in high school, it felt like I used to take in negative comments from people every day. I let people and social media tell me who I should be and what I should look like. The negativity also came from my thoughts. I was not positive toward myself and my life.

This summer, I decided that even if I don’t go out with my friends I would still try to get myself engaged. That made me apply for a job at school, I applied to be a Style Guru on CollegeFashionista, and also applied to be a member of a women’s empowerment team.

I applied with the hope of getting chosen but that did not change the fact that I did not think I was going to be chosen for any of them. I did not think I was good enough. So you can imagine how surprised and excited I was when I got accepted to be a Style Guru, then I got the job and shortly after I was chosen to be part of the women’s empowerment team.

So, if you are interested in having a positive mind, vibe, and life, here are three important things to consider.

Work On Yourself

This is the most important tip. You can’t live a happy and positive life with a negative mind. Start by freeing your mind from worries; stop hating yourself for what you aren’t and start loving yourself for what you are. Instead of constantly saying “I can’t,” try telling yourself you would do your best. Saying only positive things to yourself and also believing it would help you go about your day.

Surround Yourself With Good Friends

I remember when I just got my job, I was a bit skeptical to tell my friends because I was thinking of who was going to get mad about my progress. Surround yourself with people that would be happy for you always. Try to avoid people that try to draw you back or try to discourage you. Positivity is contagious, so associate yourself with people that lift your spirit and encourage you no matter how difficult whatever it is you are trying to achieve. I have a friend that always believes I can achieve everything I pursue and that positivity rubs off on me.


Keep Pushing

You need to understand that along your path there will be some roadblocks. They are not necessarily there to stop you but to ensure that you really want what you are trying to get. Never let yourself quit pushing whatever you want.

You can achieve anything you set your mind to. Don’t let negative thoughts or friends stop you from pursuing what you want.

Have you ever pursued something you thought was impossible to achieve? Share your stories in the comments!