3 Jewelry Pieces Every Girl Needs

June 17th, 2017 at 2:00am

I have had my fair share of accessory phases. I’ve rocked sequin purses, dangle earrings with monkeys on them, and elephantine statement necklaces (cringe). Thankfully, all these phases have come and gone, and I have finally established my own accessory style. This past year I learned the importance of jewelry to an outfit and established my staple pieces in the process.

1—The basic hoop. The first piece of jewelry I absolutely cannot live without is a basic pair of hoop earrings. A pair of gold hoops are my go-to and make every outfit a bit more dressy without being over the top. Whether I pair them with a T-shirt and jeans or throw them on with a little black dress, they always find a way to add the finishing touch. Not to mention they give me J-Lo vibes, and who wouldn’t want that?

2—Dainty gold choker. There is something about a dainty gold choker on freshly bronzed summer skin that I cannot get enough of. In the summer, I find myself wearing layers upon layers of gold chain necklaces to highlight my summer glow. Where do you begin the layering process you might ask? The base to all my layering masterpieces is a simple gold choker. A gold choker adds glamor to any outfit while keeping it fresh and girly; two things I strive for in the summer months.

3—Statement earrings. I’ve strayed away from colorful statement necklaces and have learned to seek color in another accessory, and that is the earring. I am a passenger on the statement earring train now—but it took some convincing to get here. I could never get myself to purchase a bold tassel earring or a colorful ball earring because to me they screamed “impractical.” But what I have come to learn is that they are quite the opposite. In fact, I find I can wear a bold earring just as often as a hoop. Throwing a colorful earring on with a simple black or white top makes the look more summery instantly, and eliminates the need for any other jewelry. So stop contemplating buying the oversize neon earrings and go for it because you won’t regret it!

It’s safe to say I’ve come a long way from my gaudy accessory years and have truly found my precious jewelry.

Let me know your jewelry must-haves in the comments!