3 Business Casual Outfits You Should Try Now

August 14th, 2017 at 2:00am

With the fall season approaching, August is the perfect time to stock up on back-to-school clothing. While I absolutely love fall fashion, I also have to think about business appropriate outfits that I need to purchase as well. As a business student and an ambassador for my school, I often have to attend professional events, presentations, and network outings where dressing business proper is mandatory. Over the past two years, I would always stick to the same outfit combination of a black skirt, a black blazer, and a blouse. This year, however, my goal is to get the job done in style. With this article, I’m sharing my recent picks for three business casual outfits that I put together for my upcoming Macy’s Magnates Conference.

1—Classy and elegant.

For my first outfit, I went with a simple but classy look. I paired patterned pencil skirt and a high-neck white blouse. A pencil skirt is definitely a must-have for a business wardrobe of any woman; it’s feminine, elegant, and can be paired with many tops that are different colors and textures. Instead of wearing a regular black pencil skirt, I chose this tartan black and white one; it makes the outfit more interesting while still remaining appropriate. This combo is perfect desk-side or even for an interview. Just make sure to wear a black blazer.

2—Fun and edgy.

The second outfit is definitely a more fun one and can be useful for hot summer days. For this look, I wore black pleated Bermuda shorts with a simple white blouse. This combo can be worn anywhere from class to networking dinners. Paired with a bright red blazer, this outfit definitely makes a statement. As long as it’s done in a sophisticated way, don’t be afraid to add some color to your business wardrobe—it’s a power move that can get you noticed.

3—Simple and trendy.

This last outfit is definitely the most relaxed one out of the three: dark wash skinny jeans, a tan blazer, and a patterned blouse. This combination is very casual, yet business appropriate and can be worn for an in-class presentation or a meeting for one of your extracurricular activities on campus. My favorite brown leather watch completes the look.

When it comes to dressing business appropriate, don’t forget to show a glimpse of your personal style. Being yourself is the most important thing you can do to feel confident and empowered at any event. Don’t stick to just wearing all black (unless you’re required to) and add different colors and patterns to your career wardrobe. However, do keep in mind that the looks I talked about in this article are more suited for business casual events and not business professional. When it comes to professional attire, stick to a more conservative look with dark, solid colors and keep it simple.

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