3 Beauty Trends You Need To Retire and How To Replace Them

Let’s be honest: we all love a crazy new makeup fad, but it’s important to know when to say goodbye the faded look. There are some that come and go quickly you barely have time to perfect it. Several months ago, the it seemed like the makeup trends all had an overarching theme: looking overdone (thanks, Kylie!). However, the change in the seasons means a change in the trends and this spring more natural makeup looks are on the rise.

Now, I’m not saying it’s wrong to toss every makeup product in your makeup bag in the garbage (how sad would that be?). But don’t forget to let your natural features shine though. After all, it’s what make you unique!

If you’re having trouble deciding where to start check out these three trends that need to go and what to replace them with.

Goodbye: Overdone and Block Eyebrows

It’s no secret that creating the perfect block eyebrow takes some serious precision and skill. We also need to admit that these eyebrows do not look natural in the slightest. If yours are naturally that perfect, then please spill your secrets!

Hello: Lightly Combed and Filled in Brows

Next time you reach for that brow pencil remember to keep a light touch. Try brushing your brows upward with a spoolie and then lightly touch them up with a brow gel. Personally, I have been loving the thick and bold brow look and it’s super easy to maintain. It’s a win win!(Photo via @stylelinguistics)

Goodbye: Fake Freckles

Fake freckles? Yep, that’s a thing now. “Fake it till you make it,” may ring true in some situations, but this isn’t one of them.

Hello: Eye-Popping Eyeshadows

Eyes are the window the the soul—so why not make yours pop? Find a eyeshadow shade that complements your eye color to really make your features even more beautiful. (Photo via @jordanflyley)

Goodbye: Over-the-Top Highlighter

I know, I know, highlighter is the best thing since sliced bread. But remember that less is more. It’s so easy to get carried away with the YouTube tutorials and suddenly there is more shine than glow.

Hello: Illuminating Drops

Have you heard of illuminating drop? Well, they might be the best thing singe highlighter. It’s so easy to mix and a couple drops into your foundation before application. The result is evenly illuminated skin that looks healthy and fresh.(Photo via @alisapavia)

What beauty trend are you secretly excited to retire? How are you replacing it? Post your beauty looks tag @cfashionista so we can see what trends you’re loving!