20 Carry-On Travel Essentials for Summer

June 26th, 2017 at 2:00am

Today, I’m bringing you a few tips on how to pack a carry-on for summer. Flights can be long, and you need to prepare for the journey ahead. I’ve had my fair share of travel mishaps, and I want to make packing for your trip quick and easy. It’s frustrating figuring out how to cram all your essentials into one bag, so I’m here to help! Here are the 20 essentials you need in your carry-on.

1—Large Tote Bag. The color brown or black pairs perfectly with any outfit. The bag I use is from Nordstrom, and it’s reversible. How cool is that?!

2—Laptop/Tablet/Phone. Technology will help occupy you on a long flight, so download games or bring a movie to watch for fun.

3—Chargers. Don’t let your phone battery run low!

4—Book/Magazine. If you get tired of devices, bring a book or magazine. Reading helps pass the time, especially when you are immersed in an interesting story.

5—Snacks. Who doesn’t love snacks? Bring some granola bars or nuts for a sweet treat. My favorite brands for granola bars are Kashi and KIND.

6—Notebook, Pen, and Pencil. In case you need to jot down notes or doodle, bring a notebook. A pen will also come in handy if you need to fill out a customs form to visit another country.

7—Wallet. Always bring a valid ID and a passport if you’re traveling abroad, along with cash and a debit or credit card.

8—Sunglasses. Bring these for post-flight if you arrive during the daytime. My favorite are these shades from Quay Australia.

9—Eye Mask. Flights are the perfect time to catch up on sleep, but it’s hard to fall asleep with the lights on. Bring an eye mask so you can sleep peacefully.

10—Headphones. Nothing beats relaxing and listening to your favorite music! I use my Layla headphones from Frends because they are stylish, yet functional (noise-canceling is a plus).

11—Camera. Bring your camera to snap pics and capture memories from your trip. I use a Canon T5i for artsy shots and a GoPro for underwater or active shots.

12—Sweater. Flights are sometimes chilly, so bring a comfy sweater to wear or use as a blanket. H&M has the best lightweight sweaters for the summertime.

13—Makeup Bag. This is perfect for storing small items that you don’t want to lose.

14—Gum/Mints. Always bring gum. It keeps your ears from popping when the pressure changes on the plane.

15—Lotion/Face Moisturizer. The air on planes can dry out your skin, so don’t skimp on the moisturizer.

16—Eye Drops. You never want dry eyes, especially during a long flight.

17—Hand Sanitizer. Germs are everywhere, and you need to protect yourself!

18—Mirror. You never know when you’ll need a quick touch-up.

19—Lip Balm. Who wants chapped lips when you are stuck on a plane?

20—Perfume. Bring this to freshen up after the flight.

What are your travel essentials for summer? Let us know in the comments below!


  • Claire Williams

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