13 Tips to Help You Not Become a Statistic

We all started off the year so optimistic. We went to bed before midnight and resisted the temptation to snooze our alarm four times in the morning. We made our own coffee instead of spending half our weekly budget on fancy lattes. We got to class early and sat in the front row. We smiled at strangers, meditated, said “thanks,” and actually made it to that 9 a.m. yoga class. And then the weeks rolled on and we found ourself at the end of the month, latte in hand, rushing to class, cursing to ourselves along the way.

As excited as we are to be this best version of ourselves, being able to sustain and stick to our resolutions is difficult and often times not realistic. By the end of the first month, studies show that only 58 percent of people have kept their resolutions.

In order to help reignite your excitement and goals, we’ve outlined 13 resolutions and tips to help you keep them to ensure 2017 is your best year yet.

Resolution #1: Dress Up More For Class.

Looking good gives you a confident boost and makes you feel ready to take on whatever the day throws at you.

photo via @livgraul

Resolution #2: Workout More.

According to a recent study, nearly 50 percent of Americans ditch their gym memberships by the end of January. Don’t be a statistic (and/or waste your money.) Start out small and make sure to reward yourself for achieving your goals, no matter how big or small they are. These Nikes are the perfect motivator to get you up and get your but in the gym.

photo via @berrytrendy

Resolution #3: Wear more color.

Make a statement and stand out on campus, literally.

photo via @gisele_milan

Resolution #4: Take better care of your skin.

One of the best and most important things you can do for your skin after a long and stressful day is remove your makeup. Follow up with a cleanser, toner, or serum, and a moisturizer for the ultimate quick skin refresher. Be sure to keep a few face masks on hand because who doesn’t love to come home after a stressful day and relax!

photo via @lynzrin

Resolution #5: Spend Less Time On Technology.

A recent study found that using multiple social media platforms could be emotionally and mentally harmful to adults and could lead to anxiety and depression. As millennials, our world is constantly run my cell phones and social media, but what effect does that have on our relationships with our friends and family? Set aside just a few minutes a day to “disconnect” and keep yourself away from social media and cell phones. When you go to dinner with friends or family, have everyone stack their phones on the table and don’t touch them till dinner is over. You’ll notice an improvement in the not only your relationships and the quality of those relationships, but your mood will improve as well!

photo via @caroline_dilone

Resolution #6: Eat Better.

Eating better can be as simple as cutting out late snacks and drinking more water. Start small, and don’t feel the need to do any super fancy diets or fads. Just make a conscious effort to eat more fruits and veggies; remember the more color on your plate the healthier it is!

photo via @amandaskrabucha

Resolution #7: Travel More.

You don’t need to take a fancy trip that costs thousands of dollars to travel more. Visit local parks or trails, hit the beach (or the mountains), or explore nearby towns (or parts of your town) that you’ve never been to before. Grab some friends, pack some snacks, and get out there and explore this great big world!

photo via @katiekeogh

Resolution #8: Try New Hairstyles.

2017 is the year for trying new things, hairstyles included! Don’t be afraid to try something new, whether its an entirely new do, or just a new style.

photo via @indiesunsblog

Resolution #9: Be More Daring With Outfits.

The same goes for your outfits! Wearing something you may have been too afraid to try can make you feel more confident, especially as soon as those compliments start rolling in. Mix and match your prints or try that new look that you’ve been putting off trying because you’re scared of what people will think. Who cares, just go for it as long as you like it and feel good wearing it!

photo via @andiestyle

Resolution #10: Get More Sleep

Getting a good nights rest will leave you feeling refreshed and will improve all aspects of your life from your work or school productivity, to your friendships and relationships. Use this extra energy to take time for yourself and do the things you like, or spend a little extra time at the gym to work on that healthier you.photo via @kierraxmakayla

Resolution #11: Drink Less Coffee

Start out by reducing the number of cups you drink per day, try drinking tea instead. And then, whenever you’re ready, reduce the number of days per week that you’re drinking coffee. Overtime you will see that you’re not drinking nearly as many cups as you used to be.

photo via @shannamerceron

Resolution #12: Be More Organized.

Start out by getting a planner, you will be able to lay everything out so that you can see and plan and take notes. Being more organized will help you manage your time better and eliminate some stress and anxieties. You will be able to get more things done because you know exactly where everything is and when you need to have it completed by. You will feel more accomplished and more responsible. photo via @beedurst

Resolution #13: Try New Brands.

Shopbop is a great place to discover new brands before they get big. Adding new designer pieces to your wardrobe will ensure you have a fresh and unique look.

photo via @n_agem

Remember, any step towards your goal, no matter how big, is better than no effort. Start out small and give yourself motivation and rewards because something is better than nothing!