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11 Real Life Examples of #StyleGuruLove

February 14th, 2017 at 2:00am

There are so many different types of love—self-love, love for your family, for your significant other, for your friends, and even for your pets. But there’s one type of love unlike any other—Style Guru love.

One of our favorite things about CollegeFashionista is our community of Style Gurus, who connect, inspire, and befriend one another, even when they go to school thousands of miles apart and often have never really met in IRL. It’s a unique and magical bond that makes us feel serious feelings.

Remember in elementary school when you (aka your mom) would pick out those rad Valentine’s Day cards and you would write notes declaring your friend love for your classmates? We decided to take that concept into the digital age. We asked some of our Style Gurus to share which of their fellow Style Gurus they’re friend crushing on. Check out their digital love notes and be inspired to share your own!

“A Style Guru I personally admire is Sam Yohannes. Her writing is so eloquent and a breath of fresh air. Every time I read one of her articles, I’m always so amazed at her ability to write in such an impeccable and genuine way. I always find myself wishing I could write as good as her. I also can’t forget to mention that her photography and fashion sense is so sophisticated and effortless. It’s so good! She is definitely a rockstar Style Guru!”—Brisa Gomez

(photo via @samhannes)

“I really admire Beauty Editor, Valerie Cammack. I’ve know Valerie since middle school, and I can vouch that she has always been the Fashionista that she is today. Her style is consistently flawless, and she’s always on top of the latest trends. Not to mention, her Instagram is the definition of aesthetic goals.”–Casey Nalley

(photo via @valeriecammack)

“I really admire Anna LaPlaca, a Style Guru fashion editor, because she has a sublime sense of style. I’m in love with her Instagram. She’s currently traveling in Vietnam and it looks absolutely amazing.”–Cherileigh Co

(photo via @___fl0)

“For Style Gurus I look up to, I definitely love Kate Feder. She always posts awesome photos on her Instagram! Plus, her makeup looks are KILLER! She leaves me in awe with her beauty and happy soul.”–Katie Keogh

(photo via @kaateefeder)

“Elizabeth Nguyen always has a smile on her face. Not only is she always happy, but she inspires other Style Gurus, including myself, to be themselves and strive for what they believe in. She is a positive cheerleader, great role model, and has great style.” –Alyssa Seda

(photo via @lizzykimn)


“I admire Alana Dillon for her strength and tenacity! She is such a positive and open minded person in a world where people are taught to live within boundaries! I admire her for her ability to stand out from the crowd and do her own thing!”-Jeremiah Butler

(photo via @alananacomeon)

“One of the Style Gurus I admire the most is Olivia Sweitzer! Her back passion for fashion is truly addicting. She strives for success and wants to help women feel confident and embrace their own sense of style. She’s truly a star with a heart of gold.”–Senni Bloom

(photo via @oliviasweitzer)

“I admire Katie Keogh because of her Style Guru spirit! She is always so supportive of other Style Gurus writing and goals, and is also very welcoming to new Style Gurus. Not too mention her RAD social media presence, which has an authentic voice. I always look forward to her posts!”–Kelsey Knepler

(photo via @katiekeogh)

“I admire Style Guru, Bethany Durst. I follow her on Instagram and her feed has a really nice, consistent aesthetic. Her pictures are so beautiful and a really good source for inspiration. I think she has a strong sense of personal style. Really cute!”–Cailyn Prins

(photo via @beedurst)

“One Style Guru I’ve come to know is Chloe Smith! She’s so sweet and has an amazing fashion sense! Her comments on my Instagram posts are always so lovely and it’s been great chatting with her on social media!” –Emily DerManuelian

(photo via @californiachloe)

Which one of our CollegeFashionista Style Gurus have you been secretly obsessed with? Let them know in the comments below!