10 Tips on How to Fall in Love With Cardio

10 Tips on How to Fall in Love With Cardio

It’s not love at first sight. In fact, many cardio lovers remember the beginning of their workout journeys as a time of immense struggle, and, to be quite frank, misery. When I began running as my form of cardio, my negative mentality held me back from reaching my full physical potential. If you, too, feel like you’re falling back from reaching your potential, keep reading to learn how to fall head over heels for cardio, just like I have.

1—Find a partner. Ever heard of the saying “the more the merrier?” Surprisingly enough, that applies to cardio workouts as well. Many people think of cardio as a solo exercise, which it can be, but it’s even better when working alongside a friend or family member. Hold each other accountable by setting times to meet.

2—Ease into it. You don’t need to be completing triathlons by the end of your first month. You have to start somewhere, even if that’s attending two cycling classes a week or running fifteen minutes at a time.

3—Recharge. Resting at night, drinking water throughout the day, and consuming balanced meals and snacks will keep you fueled and on track for your next workout.

4—Set a goal. For example, do you have a certain distance you want to run by the end of the month? Keep a journal of your goals and your daily workouts. You may not believe this now, but it is really interesting to be able to look back on how you did it.

5—Have cheat days. The greatest part of cardio is that you’re burning calories—which means you’re making room for more! Reward yourself with rest days and foods that make you happy.

6—Love the sweat. Sweating is a clear sign of how hard you’re working. Forget the pit stains, and remember the amazing glow you will have the rest of your day once you’re finished.

7—Look the part. Wear clothing that makes you feel good about yourself when you’re in the gym or on the streets. Splurge on the new sneakers and running watch. Investing in these new items will force you to go all in!

8—Remember the convenience. Is there really an easier or cheaper way to workout besides doing cardio? Not that I’ve come across. So, grab a jump rope, hop in a lap pool, or tie your shoes. It’s time to get this thing done.

9—Jam out. Cardio has it’s own 50 song playlist on Spotify. You have no excuses for being “bored” while running on the treadmill. Other ways to pass the time are listening to podcasts or chatting with your running buddy.

10—Feel the burn, baby. This is what it’s all about. The more it hurts now, the greater it will feel when you’re all done. So, sprint harder and pedal faster!!!

These tips have made me a true cardio enthusiast, and I hope that you can be one with me. Oh, and one last thing, run/swim/bike happy. Positive thinking goes way farther than you think.

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