10 Beach Bag Essentials for the Summer

With summer just around the corner and beach days quickly approaching, it’s important to pack the right items in your beach bag to maintain and enhance your summer glow. You’ve got the obvious items covered—swimsuit, towel, and cover-up. Now throw these must-haves into your bag to ensure a successful and pleasant water-bound trip.

Large, Sturdy Tote—It’s important to have a strong foundation, your beach bag is that foundation. Your bag should keep your belongings safe from the sand and water as well as be large enough to hold all your essentials (and be easy to clean).

Sunscreen—With the temperature heating up and the UV rays increasing, oil-free sunscreen is a must! Depending on your skin type, there are many different kinds of sunscreens to keep you protected. Sunscreen doesn’t just prevent skin cancer, but also dry-skin, sunburn, and wrinkles.

Sunglasses—These essentials are a stylish and fun way to keep your eyes protected from the sun’s rays. It’s important to invest in a pair of reliable sunnies to protect your gaze from the harsh UV rays. However, it’s also smart to keep a pair of cheap sunglasses, especially if you’re just as clumsy as I am and tend to lose or scratch your sunnies.

Water Bottle—Staying hydrated is essential and the key to maintaining your beach-body. Always remember to throw a water bottle into your tote. Pro-tip: throw some fruit into your water to help detox and add flavor.

Snacks—After splashing in the water and playing a competitive game of Kan Jam, you’re sure to work up an appetite. However, if you’re anything like me, you won’t want to eat foods that will make you feel bloated while lying on the beach. To combat your sugary cravings, pack some fruits and nuts. These foods will keep you satisfied and prevent your sugary and salty cravings, which can dehydrate you and make you bloated. Reach for some watermelon, bananas, apples, and berries.

Summer Reads—If you’re in a WiFi free zone, or simply decided to take a break from technology for a relaxing beach day. It’s important to bring along a summer read. There are plenty of new summer reads to look forward to from your favorite fashion magazine to reading up on classic literature.

Lip Balm—Keep your pouters from getting dry by including a tinted lip balm in your bag.

Dry-Shampoo—After a long, hot day at the beach, your scalp will thank you after a quick spray of dry shampoo to give your hair more volume and eliminate any grease.

Rollerball Perfume—If you’re not into the “just at the beach” scent be sure to include a travel size perfume in your bag to ensure you smell fresh.

Frisbee—It’s great to stay active and most importantly have fun while spending the day at the beach. Having a Frisbee in your bag will ensure this and is also a great way to make friends!

What are your favorite beach bag essentials? Let me know in the comments below.