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This year’s resort collection by DKNY catered mostly to the tomboys of the fashion-sphere and, I have to admit, it was a refreshing runway to say the least. With mostly black and white, confined color kept the collection classic and complementary to its gender-blender style. Each feminine facet was balanced beautifully with a masculine accent. For example, sports jacket zippers skimmed skirts while sweats and stilettos redefined comfortably chic. Perhaps my favorite, and maybe this is my biased ’90s upbringing speaking out of turn, was the incorporation of graphic tank tops and T-shirts.

So that’s where I started: look 18 from the collection. I used my favorite graphic T-shirt as a fashionable foundation for my runway recreation. Sporting a sleek Sylvester Stallone under a black blazer, I tucked and tidied a white collared button-down underneath the T-shirt. The latter was the chic cherry atop an otherwise mix-matched duo of sleek and sloppy. Next, I fully embraced DKNY’s comfort craze with an elastically elongating pant complete with a white side stripe. For summer’s sake, I chose a black, open-toed shoe. Complementing the shiny shoes’ plastic band, I swung a black, leather purse over my shoulder. At this point, my mirror mimicked a mostly masculine makeover, so I added a few feminine touches, like the sparkling headband and glittery bracelet as well as a silver ring watch.

DKNY’s 2014 resort collection had a boyish boost that refreshingly reassured me that my wardrobe doesn’t always have to be prim, proper and pink. Masculine femininity is a perfect summer style to develop because it’s easy to create and comfortable to wear in feverish forecasts. Additionally, this girlish edge creates a kind of confidence that will be evident in each black and white strong stride you take; and you most certainly should take it, Fashionistas.

Get My Look: 1. A graphic T-shirt. 2. Fashionably flexible pants. 3. Feminine accessories.


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