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The autumn season is in full force and so are all the great trends and styles we see Fashionista/os wearing. Students’ fashion choices vary from campus to campus, which gives us Style Gurus a wonderful opportunity to see new styles. The New England atmosphere is no exception to this season’s fall fashion, especially when it comes to Newport, Rhode Island. This quaint New England town is a fashion hub to “prepsters” on the Eastern Seaboard, which this week’s Fashionista certainly portrays.

When thinking of your typical New England “prepster”, this Fashionista pops right into mind. The combination of the cable knit sweater and chambray shirt has been in style for quite some time now, and in my opinion, makes it one trend that is here to stay. The leggings and riding boots ensure that this outfit isn’t too over the top, but still make it the perfect look for brisk fall days spent walking to class or shopping at the Newport boutiques. The finishing touches include a strand of pearls, which every preppy Fashionista owns. Whether real or faux, pearls will forever be a timeless fashion that adds a little “Je ne sais quoi” to any outfit.

The ambiance of New England in the fall is really something everyone should witness. Not only to see the leaves change, but to get the opportunity to see all the timeless fashion New Englanders uphold. Growing up nearby, it is only natural for this style to be a part of my personal style. But always remember, it doesn’t matter what you spend on your clothes, but how you make it your own.


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