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As winter is slowly drifting away and spring is just around the corner, sometimes it’s difficult knowing what to wear outside. Recently in Austin, we’ve been experiencing rushes of blistery cold weather but on this particular afternoon the sun was shining bright and for a second, I felt like we’re in summer.

I spotted this Fashionista wearing classic high-waisted shorts with a cool vintage T-shirt tucked in and some Converse sneakers. On top of all of that, she was wearing this very cool and retro bomber jacket that I fell in love with. Bomber jackets are ideal for days when it’s sunny out but you can still feel a slight chilly breeze in the shade. It’s a light jacket and it definitely not meant to be as heavy or overwhelming as a coat.

Bomber jackets were a piece of clothing that were popular during World War I and War World II amongst aviators for their sturdy and insolated design but as the time passed, this originally heavy-duty jacket became a popular trend.

This Fashionista was rocking an autumnal print but really it doesn’t matter what season you’re in to wear this jacket because it’s light enough to wear all year until you hit mid-June in Texas. Then the last thing on your mind would be to wear a jacket. Although if you live in a region where your summer evenings get cooler, then bombs away!

These jackets also come in a variety of styles from short like this polyester fabric bomber from ASOS to this longer print one from Free People. It’s easy to make any outfit look cool, calm and collected with the simple addition of one of these jackets. If you’re looking for one that is simpler, take a look at this color-block design from Kenneth Cole New York. I love this design because you can definitely achieve more of a sporty look with it if that’s what you desire. You can also play it up and go for a more retro look by wearing it with a vintage T-shirt like this Fashionista did.

My personal favorite would have to be this one from PacSun. I absolutely love the mesh material in the sleeves, which is super trendy for the spring and the floral design on the shoulders is a perfect and detailed touch. One could easily utilize this bomber on top of a solid colored outfit like all black with a statement necklace to bring attention to the beautiful neckline and shoulders.

My style advice of the week is to find a light jacket for the spring season. It’s the perfect piece to throw on before walking outside on a moderately chill and sunny day or even to go study in the library where it sometimes gets a little chilly. Whatever the occasion, this is a piece that will look great on everyone and will keep your outfit looking solid.


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