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There are two things that I will never outgrow: the color pink and head-turning hair trends. Ever since I was a little girl, everything I owned has been in this girly, rosy hue. And ever since sixth grade, when I had my hair dyed a bright mahogany red in an Indonesian hair salon (and subsequently received the worst haircut of my life), I’ve been adventurous with hair and beauty trends. My mother was never surprised when I would come home from school some days and ask her questions like whether it would be better to dye my hair bleach blonde or to shave off a section of my hair to get that rebellious, edgy look I was going for at the time.

When I spotted this Fashionista and her hot pink hair, I knew that she and I had a common love for fantastically outrageous hair. Since she was born with hair that is so dark brown it’s almost black, she let me in on how she got the color to be so vivid — bleaching and dying her hair multiple times. Patience is a virtue and is proven through her repeated efforts, over the course of two weeks, to get the perfect hue of bright hot pink for her hair.

By adding this trend to her look, she has a pop of color daily and will never have to worry about an outfit being too monochromatic. In fact, an all-black or all-white ensemble would create a contrast that would look amazing with her hair! This week, she decided to wear a pink and orange striped sleeveless top that is complementary with her pink hair, distressed denim shorts and a long necklace with leaf detailing. Our Fashionista’s summer-ready look is perfect for any day of the week.

How To: Dying to dip dye your hair for the summer? Unless you already have naturally light-colored hair, bleach the parts of your hair that you wish to dye. Then, simply mix your chosen colored dye, dip the ends of your hair into it, let it process, wash it out and voilà! A beauty trend that will make everyone ooh and ahh. (Psst! Professionals recommend wrapping the dyed hair in aluminum foil while it processes! This helps to trap in heat which speeds up the dying process.)


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