ALL IN THE DETAILS: Embrace the Lace

All In The Details

If you have been struck with the urge to embrace your most inner feminine beauty, lace is most certainly the place to start. This Fashionista rocked a stunning lace dress that was so amazing; I just had to stop her! To keep all the attention on her ensemble, this Fashionista perfectly paired her lace dress with stud earrings, and plain heels to keep the focus on her outfit.

The lace trend is better than ever and there are plenty of ways to wear a lace dress. Whether your style is lady-like or edgy there are so many different lace dresses available to fit your taste. From casual skater dresses, to beautiful gowns there are just a few simple things to keep in mind when picking out your lacey look.

A trend we’ve noticed this season is colored lace. Immerse yourself in new colors such as hot pink and red and stay away from the ever-present whites and black. Also, when thinking about wearing a laced ensemble look at the quality of fabric, to perfectly pair your outfit to your occasion.  If the quality is lower obviously that is a perfect lace dress for a day in the office, or shopping with friends. Personally when layering on lace, I always recommend sticking to neutrals because that keeps the outfit from getting too distracting.

How To: To get this Fashionista’s fun and flirty look here are a few simple, easy steps!  I recently came across amazing lace dresses from a great website you should all check out called Miss Guided. There you can shop amazing styles, and become one step closer to wearing your most perfect lace dress yet. Next, pair your ensemble with simple things. Stay away from too much jewelry and try to go with a plain heel or wedge to keep everyone’s eyes on your gorgeous outfit. I’m sure there are so many more ways to experiment with lace, but for now hopefully you gained more insight into one of the worlds classiest trends.


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