Your Seven Plan Step to Finishing Out Your Internship on a High

Your Seven Plan Step to Finishing Out Your Internship on a High

It’s no secret that the end goal of any internship is getting a J-O-B. And with summer (sadly) coming to an end, it’s important to finish out your internship on a high. Think of your internship as a marathon and you are striving for that photo finish. Dig deep, push harder and don’t forget to smile.

Don’t squander all the hard work and strong reputation you built up this summer. It’s your time to shine. Follow the seven foolproof steps to ensure you finish your internship on a high!

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1—Be present. It is hard not let your mind wander to back-to-school. The class schedule, the new apartment, the back-to-school shindigs. But that doesn’t mean you should mentally check-out of your internship in these last few weeks. Keep up the pace and work hard until your final hugs and handshakes goodbye.

2—Do something memorable (in a good way). Everyone wants to be remembered fondly. So do something noteworthy these last few weeks to leave a positive lasting memory. We’re not talking about wearing something wildly inappropriate or sparking some interoffice drama. Try speaking up during a team meeting or pitching an idea to your supervisor. Be remembered for your rockstar attitude, not your questionable outfit choices.

3—”Can we chat?” Set up a time with your supervisor to talk about your performance. Offer to come in early or stay late to make the meeting at a time that works best for your boss. Taking that initiative shows that you care about and value the time you spent at your internship and the experiences that you gained. This would also be a good time to talk to possibility of job opportunities.

4—Show off. Contrary to what you may think, you learned more this summer than how your boss takes her coffee. With your company’s permission (this step v. important), collect samples of projects you worked on and examples of your work to include in your portfolio.

5—K.I.T. Don’t walk out on your last day saying, “Okay, bye! See ya never!” Completely ghosting your internship fam is not only bad form, but pretty much undoes everything you worked hard to build this summer.

6—Be specific. Besides being a wealth of knowledge, your boss also has another valuable asset—his or her contact list. If you have done a great job this summer, they would probably be more than happy to make connections for you…to the right person that is. Don’t just ask for unfettered access to their thousands of contacts. Instead, see if your boss would be willing to introduce you to a few specific people at companies you have targeted as potential places you would want to work.

7— The most important thing. Saying “thank you” is a must and often overlooked step in finishing out your internship. The company you interned for selected you over other qualified candidates, taught you new skills and helped you further your future career in one way or another. That’s massive! So be sure to thank your supervisor with at minimum a handwritten note. (Bringing in your boss’ favorite sweet treat, a candle you know she likes or some other small personal gesture also is a personal and perceptive touch!)