The Working Girl’s Guide to Eating Healthy This Summer

The Working Girl’s Guide to Eating Healthy This Summer

Summer brings freedom, warm weather, and, for many college students, a job. For those of us trapped behind a desk or sweating the days away at our outdoor job, eating healthy can be a real struggle. It’s so tempting to grab a sugary coffee on your way into work or to swing through the drive-through on your lunch break, but summer is the perfect time to get your healthy habits back into swing before the school year begins. Here’s how I do it!

I love to start my mornings with a smoothie. I pack mine full of fruits to jump-start my day and give me loads of energy. For those looking for an extra boost, add a handful of spinach or some chia seeds. I use frozen berries because they’re inexpensive and easy to throw into the blender. Add in a banana and some orange juice, and you’re on your way! This single-serve blender makes your smoothie right in your cup, getting you out the door in seconds.

Packing my lunch at home always inspires me to eat healthier, and salads are so customizable that you can never go wrong. I added yellow peppers, cucumbers, sliced turkey, almonds, and feta cheese. Grab some salad dressing from the fridge at work and you’re good to go!

To balance out my lunch I threw in a bag of pretzels, some watermelon, and a nectarine. I love to take advantage of fresh fruits that are in season in the summer. To stay hydrated, I like to carry around a water bottle wherever I go. Getting my daily water intake used to be impossible, but setting small goals with the ounces printed on the side of the bottle makes it so easy. I try to drink the whole bottle before lunch and another one in the afternoon.

Now that my meals are planned, I spend less time stressing about what I’m eating next and more time relaxing!

What are your healthy eating tips? Let me know in the comments below!