Work Hard, Play Hard

Work Hard, Play Hard

Britney Spears taught us best in her song “Work.” If you know me, then you know that I am all about having fun and enjoying life. However, being responsible and staying grounded are essential to success and happiness. This is why I live by the phrase “work hard, play hard.”

To the people would like to think money is not that important, sorry to break it to you but money can control your life. To experience the best life has to offer, you are going to need a way to pay for it. For example, those front row seats to the Beyoncé concert or that trip to Paris you have been wanting to take, are going to cost you some Benjamins. Sure, there are activities you can do for free, but some events are worth taking a few hours off from lounging by the pool to be constructive.

While money is a factor, being a contributing member of society is also rewarding. Older generations love to say that millennials are lazy, so why fall into the degrading stereotype? It can be difficult to stay focused since we live in such a fast-paced environment where things are constantly occurring and evolving. However, that challenge to leave my footprint is something I live for.

When referring to working, this can withhold various definitions. For example, you may work at the cute boutique down the street. On the other hand, preparing for your future can also be strived for by undertaking an internship, studying abroad, or volunteering. The possibilities are endless, so take on something you are passionate about and it will make the experience much more enjoyable and worthwhile. The famous saying “find something you’re good at and something you love, hope they are the same thing and you’ll never work a day in your life”.

Life is not perfect though, so often people will take whatever job they can get, which means it’s not always their first choice. There are always lessons to be learned from whatever you take on in life. Appreciate the job in the moment and try to recognize what purpose it serves to improve you and your career path. Honestly, many jobs are just looking for someone with experience, so do what you can to get ahead.

Now that we’ve gotten down to business, you’re probably wondering is the grind worth it? The answer is yes! Working will help you maintain a schedule, which hopefully will help you value your free time. Finding that balance between work, family, friends, and yourself (aka “me time!”) is key. So, let loose, enjoy summer, but do not forget to be a boss.

What work are you doing this summer? Let me know in the comments below.