This One Product Will Instantly Make it Look Like You Didn't Pull an All-Nighter

No matter where you go to school or what you’re majoring in, all college students have one thing in common: lack of sleep. Whether we stay up late cramming for tests or in a social media black hole, hitting those recommended eight hours of sleep a night seems to be more of a dream (pun intended) than a reality.

So how do you look wide-eyed and ready for your early morning lecture when you just spent the last night up until 3 a.m.? Fake it until you make it. No, not with copious amounts of caffeine, but with one trusty item in your makeup bag.

White eyeliner.

What? Isn’t white eyeliner something my mom wore in the ’80s? Plus, tbh, the last time I wore any eyeliner on my waterline was 8th grade. I was going through a grunge phase and thought a black tight lined eye completed the look. (It was not a cute trend for me, might I add.)

Needless to say I was reluctant to try the trend. But I’ve heard it said that white eyeliner makes you look alive. And after spending way too much on coffee to make me look halfway awake, I decided to take those few bucks and invest in a white eyeliner to see if it did the same trick (minus the caffeine jitter).

No joke this is my best makeup purchase of 2017 so far. It’s also been the cheapest. In the total of 15 seconds it took me to apply the eyeliner, I suddenly looked well-rested. Did I just have a Princess Aurora night’s worth of sleep and not remember? (Faux) sleeping beauty, indeed!

Not only does white eyeliner promise brighter more awake looking eyes, but it also creates the illusion of bigger eyes (aka every girl’s dream). Who wouldn’t want to look like Zooey Deschanel?

Did I mention white eyeliner isn’t only for your eyes? Use it to highlight your brow bone, above your lip, and (if you’re good at blending) down the center of your nose. Seriously this product just earned it’s status in my make-up bag.

So yes you might still need that cup of coffee in the morning, but you’ll look as if you’ve gotten a whole night’s sleep and actually got ready for the day by rocking white eyeliner. Look awake this semester and try the trend. I promise you won’t be disappointed.

What other beauty hacks should I try to look more awake for my 8 a.m. lectures? Let me know in the comments below!