What Your Favorite Summer Trend Says About You

Summer is the perfect time to experiment with fashion and new trends that pop-up on the radar. Between baring a shoulder and tying a bandana around your neck, there is a trend for everyone and every occasion. Whether your plans are filled with festival hopping, beach lounging or the internship grind, your style remains killer and which trend you favor has a lot to say about you.

Here is what seven of summer ‘16’s hottest trends say about you:

1. Off-the-shoulder 



Off-the-shoulder has successfully taken over the crop top’s reign as the ultimate summertime dressing piece. If you’ve swapped all of your crops for a colder shoulder, you probably have an eye for the trendy. Your friends go-to you for brunch recommendations, style advice and you always know where to find the best selfie lighting.

2. Denim minis



Denim minis come in many shapes and forms, from ‘70s-inspired button-up skirts to denim overall dresses, but what they all have in common is the elementary school nostalgia they bring with them. You probably have frequent #TBT jam sessions featuring oldie faves like Blink-182 and NSYNC. Your walls are covered with memorabilia like concert ticket stubs, Polaroid photos and handwritten notes and you still revisit old journal entries gushing about your favorite Jonas brother.

3. Rompers and jumpsuits



Rompers are great for one-step dressing, but everyone knows they come with their own set of challenges. A summer wardrobe filled with one piece wonders says that you’re low-key, while also being high-key. You stay cool under pressure but keep your life organized. You always make sure to balance your green juices with a hearty cheeseburger and your favorite summer activity is hunting for the perfect brick wall to take #OOTD photos in front of.

4. Graphic T-shirts



Covered with band logos or chuckle-worthy phrases, you and your wardrobe have a lot to say. You’re the kind of person who doesn’t mind being the center of attention and you would love to spend your day hanging out in a music venue or near a skate park. You appreciate the grungy side of things more than most and your favorite films are probably cult classics like The Breakfast Club and Ferris Bueller’s Day Off.

5. Chokers



In a world full of bandanas and skinny scarves, you’re opting to show off your edgier side. Your favorite place to be is in the middle of a festival crowd dancing with your hands in the air and you love eye catching trends. Your Instagram is filled with photos from late-night adventures and the alien is your most used emoji.

6. Oversized sunnies



You’re practical, but love a bit of drama. Oversized sunglasses are the best way to say ‘I have places to be and people to see,’ without ever having to vocalize it. You know that fashion can be both practical as well as stylish. Your friends confide in you and you always give the best no-nonsense advice.

7. Lace-up sandals



You’re always down for a challenge. Whether the lacing stops at the ankle or snakes its way all the way up to your knee, you’re ready to take on the challenge. You never let new trends scare you away no matter how outlandish they are. You love to pursue new projects and are always looking for ways to express your creativity.