WHAT: Weekend Wear

“No driving, no sleeping, live it up like it’s the weekend.” These words sung in Wiz Khalifa’s “No Sleep” accurately describe weekends. It’s the time to go on adventures and be wild for a few moments. It’s also the best time to dress however you want–whether that’s comfortably or creatively. It’s a time to bring out the sass and have a good time. If the weekend is supposed to be a time to let loose, then I believe our outfits can be expressive of that. Why wear anything boring or basic? So, how can this sass be expressed? Wear a graphic T-shirt.

This Fashionista knows that the weekend is her time to shine. She sports a look that screams, “Hey Saturday! I’m ready for you!” She rocks a burnt orange sweater, which plays off the pastel, floral pattern of her cutout booties. The outfit is completed with a graphic T-shirt and light grey high waisted jeans. What stands out the most in this outfit and gives off the playful vibes for the weekend is the cheeky statement on her graphic T-shirt, which says, “Ok, but first coffee.”

The raddest thing about this outfit is that it is the perfect blend of weekend comfort and sass. The graphic T-shirt and sweater combination create magic when paired together. We all remember the good old days of junior high when we bought quirky and clever graphic tees in piles. Why not pull one of those tees from the back of the closet and reuse it? The cardigan makes the outfit all the more better because it’s like the socially acceptable version of wearing a blanket in public. This outfit is the perfect thing to wear for all the amazing coffee to be tasted, city explorations and midnight doughnut runs that the weekend brings. Oh, and of course it’s comfortable enough that you can pass out in it after all of your weekend adventures.

One Simple Change: Have you been invited to a last minute dinner at a fancy restaurant? Lose the high waisted jeans and throw on a simple, black pencil skirt, and you’re ready to go!