WHAT TO WEAR: Zip-Up for Finals

November 25th, 2015 at 2:10am

As a graduating senior, finals week is a common practice at this point. Even with long study hours and deadlines to meet, the stress factor cannot hinder the style of a true Fashionista/o. I am a firm believer that looking your best improves your mood and builds confidence. We can all use a good boost of that every so often.

What first caught my eye about this Fashionista was the bold pop of color from her red headband. The ribbon is a nice touch, framing her face and showcasing her luminous smile. Her neutral styling choice allows for freedom of accessorizing. Since this outfit is cool-toned, you can dress it up according to your sense of style. You can accessorize by matching metals, such as gold, which pairs well with darker shades of blue and black clothing.

If there is one thing to be mindful of during the transitioning seasons, is deciding if a stylish fall outfit will be too hot to wear. Even in November, the Floridian heat can still feel like summer. The beauty of this look is getting to wear leggings or tights underneath that are lightweight and breathable. You can stay comfortable all day with your favorite knit tank dress.

‘Tis the season for boots, boots and MORE boots! It is definitely time to take those boots you have long forgotten about out of storage and make some room for new additions. This particular pair is a balanced combination of leather and suede. Allowing for easier access to slip and zip your feet in and out with ease. These boots will be a bold styling choice drawing admirable attention. Whether you are cramming in the library or finishing your last exam, you will look as fierce as you feel.

One Simple Change: Since our Florida winters are not as cold compared to northern states, opaque tights are perfect for achieving that fall look but switch to a pair of leggings for added thickness to keep those legs warm. Add a scarf and larger jewelry to really make a grade-A statement.