WHAT TO WEAR: Workout Ready

WHAT TO WEAR: Workout Ready

All aboard the health train! First stop, clothing station.

If you have fallen off of the health train in the new year this article is for you! If you want to feel healthier since the day you last stepped foot in the gym (which was never ago) this is also for you. Either way, whether you are a health nut or have been wanting to take the initiative to get fit, whatever you do to live a better life is always commendable.

One of the best motivators to get fit is to find an outfit that makes you excited to get out there and show it off. When you can find something that makes you feel good, that little extra boost of confidence can hopefully push you to go to the gym. Details like a crisscross sports bra and an open back tank can easily start you off right and set you apart from the crowd. This Fashionista picked out a pair of some sick looking edgy tights. The piping on the leggings bring a more modern aesthetic to the look that can be dressed up if you chose to wear it with a dressy top.

Another plus from sporting workout gear is that not only is it functional and comfy, it is on trend with the athleisure style that’s sprinkled throughout the blogosphere. An easy way to transition out of your gym gear and into a more put together ensemble is to swap out your sneakers for a nicer shoe. That way it becomes more of a casual outfit that you could wear to class without feeling a bit dowdy.

Alright, now you’ve got the workout gear…next stop, the gym.