There is nothing worse than the frigid walk from your dorm, car, bus or apartment into the gym during the winter months in Indiana. Just simply the thought of my potential frost bitten ankles deterred me from the gym too many times to count, but finally summer is here!! Break out the workout clothes because suddenly everything just became a lot easier. Instead of a painfully chilly walk, you are now able to take a run outside your favorite spots without beginning to battle hypothermic shock. Let’s face it—working out in the cold weather has nothing on a long bike ride through your favorite streets at night; talk about relaxing.

There is great joy with a killer workout, but there is an entire other world of emotions when you have found the perfect outfit to work out in. That’s where this outfit comes in. You need something breathable, easy to throw on but also something that makes you feel confident while looking in the mirror as you pretend to run a baby marathon on the treadmill.

This Fashionista wants her workout to pop and to be just as fun as her rainbow cropped leggings are. This outfit is so cute and so fun; anyone will want to lift weights next to her. She chose to pair her leggings with a Nike tank top, black sneakers and an ever so fashionable heart rate monitored called a Fit-Bit.

One Simple Change: After a sweaty yoga class, ditch the sneakers and tank top and pair these fun leggings with an oversized graphic T-shirt and a cute pair of strappy sandals or Birkenstocks. You are now ready to conquer the rest of the day!