Maintaining a healthy lifestyle in college that involves dining hall food and way too many all-nighters can be difficult. But besides eating healthily and getting enough sleep, exercising is extremely important. It can get hard to fit in time for the gym, but there are definitely more creative ways to get your heart pumping.

I noticed this Fashionista by the Theatre and Arts Building as she was heading over to a dance workshop. It always seems like a pain to get up and exercise, but what you wear can make a difference in not only how you look but also how you feel. I’m not saying you should hit the gym in full makeup and sequins, but there are definitely ways you can look and feel good working out.

Ditch those scraggly gym sweats, and opt for a cute acid-washed crop top and some Chachi Momma sweats like this Fashionista did. The crop top creates an interesting effect and provides more style than a simple black shirt. The sweats can have different effects depending on how the pockets are styled. You can turn out the pockets and show the unexpected design inside or simply keep them in and showcase the gold zippers. She wore burgundy Vans with black laces to tie in the entire look.

The crop top and the loose sweats provide not only comfort but also practicality for workouts. So look good and be inspired by nontraditional types of sportswear.

One Simple Change: Just finished working out but have lunch plans with your friends? Switch out the sneakers for some bright ballet flats! It’ll make the outfit extra comfy and bring in some color so you won’t have to spend time worrying about how you look since your workout outfit was already on-trend.