May 19th, 2015 at 2:00am

Nothing is worse than trying to motivate yourself to go workout while there’s a layer of snow on the ground too tall to even wear gym shoes. It’s days like those where it seems like more of a hassle to workout than a gratification. But alas, it is finally feeling a little bit like summer, which means so many activities become (or maybe just seem) more doable. Want to enjoy Central Park’s winding trails just because it’s nice outside? Do it. Feel like running along Lake Shore Drive to soak in Chicago’s amazing skyline? Go for it. Let’s face it, doing fitness things are just more enjoyable when the sun is shining and in honor of National Fitness Month, I took a look into what would be the perfect outfit to pair with one of these outings.

This particular Fashionista is sporting the perfect look to go and rock her workout. Sticking with the timeless color scheme, her black and white look makes her look especially sporty-chic. One might not want to wear longer tight pants while getting a good sweat in, but these running leggings are different in that they have special mesh lining around and behind the knee area which gives your legs optimal breathing room while running up a storm. They also have a secret pocket on the side and on the back that is perfect for holding your keys.

Her white sports tank top is another type of technology created just for sweating. With a lowered back and more mesh lining, it won’t feel too heavy during a workout. One great thing about working out is that clothing is becoming much more casual attire as well, especially the shoes. Since we all love a reason to buy more shoes, might as well buy a pair that helps makes us fit! This Fashionista continues the color scheme and chooses some sleek black and white Nikes. The perfect outfit is sure to secure the perfect workout!

One Simple Change: Don’t have time to shower before lunch with the girls? Simply kick off the gym shoes and pack a pair of summer sandals for a more breathable shoe.