What’s harder than actually dragging ourselves out of bed in the morning to go to the gym? Deciding what to wear. Of course, it’s the gym and not the red carpet; but that doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t take it as a chance to show off our style. In my opinion, sometime that sporty-chic look is all the more reason to even go to the gym!

Luckily for us, the sporty-chic trend has really made a statement in fashion in the recent years. Wear that awesome athletic gear to the gym, class, or even a quick run to the grocery store. If you want a more dressed-up feel, pair your favorite Nike or Adidas sneakers with jeans and a blazer for such a casual-cool look. Kendall Jenner recently did this for a flight from L.A. to NYC and looked so chic!

Making campus her real life runway, this Fashionista never fails to look stylish. Her look is ready to transition from class to the gym. The Nike sneakers are bright, playful and really bring out the fuchsia in her zip-up. I always see so many people wearing black to the gym, so these bright colors are definitely a nice change of pace. While it is usually impractical to accessorize for the gym, this Fashionista kept it simple by wearing a few select and meaningful bracelets. Overall, the look is cohesive, simple and yet absolutely fashionable!

One Simple Change: Need to run to class after that killer workout and have no time to shower? Swap out your zip-up for an oversized graphic T-shirt for an effortless look that will be class ready!