May 4th, 2015 at 2:00am

Let’s face it, not all of us like going to the gym. For many of us, it’s not necessarily laziness, but instead time management that stops us from hitting the gym. I prefer to work out in the morning, but I also must set aside time to get ready for actual classes. Assuming that this would hold true to be a problem for others, Kent State offers many one credit courses that help you even out those 16 credits, ranging from activities such as fitness walking to Zumba, rock climbing to beginning ice skating. Throughout my years at Kent, I’ve found myself taking at least one studio dance class, including modern, ballet and jazz. On most occasions, though, I have to rush from dance to another class without having much time to change my outfit completely. This is a predicament that can be easily handled with three statement pieces worn over the typical dance uniform of tights, leotard and shorts, as this Fashionista has demonstrated.

Firstly, on the topic of makeup: when planning outfits on workout days, less is preferred. It’s best to limit your makeup kit for the day to the basic eyeliner, mascara and a colored lipstick or lipgloss, since you never know how intense your workout will be. As this Fashionista so nicely illustrates, less can be more when you select a lipstick that boldly contrasts against your skin.

On workout days, loose pants and skirts are smart choices for the sake of easy changing. This Fashionista acknowledges this and pairs an edgy vintage leather skirt with a flowy tank top, easily concealing the shorts underneath. Not only does the loose quality of the tank top hide the skintight leotard, but it also serves to counter the tough personality of the leather skirt. Another essential for changing is button-up layers. It takes a while for the body to cool down, so button-up or zip-up layers can easily be taken on and off as one pleases and needs during your next class. Layers that can close from the front are less awkward to take on and off in a crowded lecture hall than pullovers. This Fashionista chooses to wear a grungier maroon cardigan, matching the mood set by the leather skirt. Considering the trek the many Fashionistas regularly make, sneakers or zip-up boots serve well for any outfit. Black Vans or Converse are an essential for every closet!

One Simple Change: Another option that works well in the springtime would be a babydoll dress. A tiered dress with ruffles would sweeten up this outfit by balancing out the leather, black and grungy cardigan.