I get it—working out is not always fun and often times it is dreadful. Although it is not something we always want to do, it is something we all should do. Sometimes, finding the motivation to get our sweat on is nearly impossible! Do not worry, we have all been there. Luckily for all of us, there are so many amazing clothing pieces made especially for looking stylish in the gym. With so many options, you can still express your personal style while you workout. Why not look cute even when you sweat?

Although this Fashionista’s outfit may look simple from far away, up close the details are to die for. Her tank top features a gray and white snakeskin print with sheer detail and cutouts on the neck and back. Her jacket, which she had tied around her waist, has a mesh see-though back. Her Nike sneakers are gray, white and coral, which added a little pop of color to the look. She wore her hair in pigtails for a fun and easy look that will stay out of her face while working out.

Take after this Fashionista and find a fun tank top to rock at the gym. My favorite piece of clothing to get me pumped about working out is a pair of crazy leggings. A colorful pair of sneakers never hurt either.

One Simple Change: In a hurry to get from the gym to class? Do not fret! Throw on one of your favorite vintage sweatshirts to curb that after-workout chill. Switch out your sweaty shoes for a pair of Converse and you are good to go.