We all dread it. We all hate going and being there. But we do it because swimsuit season is creeping up on us girls once again. The gym (the enemy) is a constant struggle for us all. For the Fashionistas out there, however, gym attire is addictive. You name a brand—Nike, Sweaty Betty, lululemon athletica—and we love it. Though it can be one of the pricier styles on the market, it is undoubtedly worth it. The struggle to find leggings that are not see-through and don’t fall down while you’re on the treadmill is very real. We’re here to help.

Check out this Fashionista. Fresh out of class and on her way to the gym, she looks stylish and ready. Her black Nike cropped leggings are perfect for walking through campus, running on the treadmill, doing dead lifts or whatever your cup of tea is. The black Nike sneakers are a staple in every girl’s wardrobe. Regardless of your workout gear, black Nike’s will prevail. She has on a simple sweat-proof tank and a lululemon athletica sweat jacket. This pop of color brings the whole ensemble together. She is comfortable, fashionable and ready for her workout.

The beautiful thing about gym attire in our generation is you can still be as stylish as you want. People often complain about the girl exercising with her hair down and makeup on. In my mind, no judgment at the gym—whatever gets you through the workout is fine with me. Be as fashionable as you want, and be as comfortable as you want.

One Simple Change: Change out her Nike’s for a pair of comfortable boots, and she’s ready for a night studying at the library.