April 15th, 2015 at 2:10am

On the days I actually plan to workout, I feel like putting zero effort into my outfit. Why would I get so dressed up just to get all sweaty later, right? Wrong. Hitting the gym doesn’t mean having to sacrifice a great outfit. Instead of throwing on your usual grubby workout rags, put more thought into the way you look when headed to the gym. My everyday motto is: If you look good, you feel good, you do good.

There are so many stores that have picked up the workout crowd, which is pretty much everyone nowadays. Fabletics is one of my favorites, especially for the college crowd. They are fairly inexpensive, and for your first purchase you can get a full outfit for 25 dollars. I’m serious! Forever 21 also has some unique pieces in their athletic lines. Even Urban Outfitters has jumped on the trend wagon and teamed up with Without Walls to bring customers exclusive workout gear.

This Fashionista gets me. She looks totally comfortable while looking workout-chic all at once. Her jacket is perfect for the dreary days UNL has been having but still light enough to keep her comfortably cool after long hours at the gym. The pop of color also adds interest against the monochromatic look of her outfit. Her Nike tennis shoes play with pattern while keeping with the color scheme of her look. Even though it’s just white, her Coach purse adds something bold to the outfit. The sparkly ponytail was a nice touch of added interest.

One Simple Change: If you’re headed to class right before hitting the gym, wearing some bulky, colorful jewelry will add more of a Fashionista touch to your look.