If there’s one thing most of my friends and roommates know about me is that I’ve never worked out a day in my life. Seriously, I’ve never been to a gym, nor have I ever actively gone on a jog outside of middle school gym class. However, I did gymnastics for nine years, but my athletic flair has now deteriorated. Whenever I see all the gym savvy people embarking for the rec, a tinge of inspiration hits me thinking I should join. Being the fashion major that I am, deciding on what to wear while working out is a vital decision. Luckily, I crossed paths with this Fashionista right when she was on her way to burn off those Spring Break calories.

This Fashionista decided to look stylish while getting fit, which is win in my book. The use of bright oranges and blues welcomes spring and warm weather in full force. Another awesome part about this look is that it is visible during any hour, so your workout can take place night or day. Of course, the bright color palette is what first caught my eye; but when taking a closer look, this Fashionista’s outfit is lightweight and perfect for any type of workout. Her PINK cobalt blue jacket is the perfect weight for running and not getting overly warm on the way to the gym. A great detail to the jacket is that it has a pocket for her iPod or phone, which makes listening to music easier than holding the device. Her Nike Pro athletic shorts will give her full range of motion while she performs lunges. To pull the entire look together, she opted for a pair of bright orange and blue Nike Free sneakers, which will not hold her back from natural movement in her workout and will help give her support and balance.

Looking good and feeling good during a workout can boost your performance. Take note of this Fashionista’s sleek workout outfit and you’ll be motivated to put in 100 percent next time you visit the rec!

One Simple Change: Have to plan a trip to the library for an exam quickly approaching Throw on a pair of cozy sweats for a stress free study session.