Since coming to college, I’ve adopted a deep appreciation for yoga. Flexibility is often the most neglected element of fitness, but taking yoga classes periodically benefits you more than you may realize. Improved elasticity, managed stress, greater mental discipline, enhanced balance, injury prevention—your body will thank you in more ways than you’d think. Furthermore, the beauty of it also lies in its portability; you can take its benefits with you anywhere you go. To learn more about the practice of yoga, visit a health magazine’s website (I recommend Women’s Health). But enough about that—check out what this yogi wears to her classes!

Let’s take it from the top. On some days when the weather permits it, our yoga instructors at the Student Fitness Center will bring the class outside, and what better way to slip into Shavasana than amidst chirping birds and the warmth of the sun on your skin? If this is the case, you’ll want practical shades that will shield your eyes properly and won’t slide down your nose while hanging in forward fold. I personally swear by aviator frames like these, which always work beautifully well when I wear them when I’m most active.

Next, yoga is the recreation that practically demands comfy clothes. Hallelujah. This Fashionista sports a Wild and Free hoodie of incredibly soft fabric, as is her tank top beneath (which matches her necklace by the way—did you catch that?). For the sports bra, so long as it does provide enough support, go nuts and pick one with fun straps.

And what better way to splash some color into your getup than a touch of ombré on the calf of your yoga pants? With the onset of the ombré trend, you now have a whole slew of colors to choose from. And though cotton has its benefits, material like spandex works more suitably, as it stays firmly on your body and doesn’t slide around when you’re trying to stay put in a pose. Finally, don’t forget your yoga mat.

One Simple Change: Step it up from comfy casual to class ready, and change out of your cotton yoga top and into a long, flowy button down to balance the form-fitting yoga pants.