As we head into the beginnings of spring, we are constantly reminded of the quick transition into hot weather and less clothes. That’s right, bikini season is just around the corner. Whether that’s a good thing or a bad thing, is up to you. Whatever the case, getting active moves to the top of the priorities list for students all over the country. What’s essential to a killer workout? Our outfit choices, of course!
Crazy neon and printed leggings have become a must-have in the workout world. This Fashionista confidently sports a pair of bright blue leggings that feature a fun, geometric print. Underneath her top, she wears a sporty gray tank top, perfect for getting an intense workout in. Working with a bright blue and green, she picks up these colors in her cute kicks. Balanced with a black pullover, gray nike running sneakers and a Micheal Kors puffy jacket, her outfit is perfect for both the morning weekend workout session and post brunch.
So, next time you head to the gym or for a jog around town, ditch the all-black uniform and opt for a bold statement piece. You may get some extra glances thrown your way, but let’s blame it on that killer summer bod you are sculpting!
One Simple Change: Heading straight to class after a sweaty session at the gym? No worries! Pack a headband or hat to cover up any sweaty, slick hair. Throw on a pair of relaxed fit boyfriend jeans to escape those smelly leggings. The jeans will look super casual and laid back paired with your running sneakers.