The sun is starting to creep out, the snow is beginning to melt away and we can finally see patches of green grass here on the East Coast. You know what that means: Spring Break! Spring Break can mean various things to many people, whether it be tanning on a beach somewhere in Florida, backpacking throughout Europe, exploring the rich history of New England, or just relaxing at home! No matter what the plan is, spring break is bound to be exciting!

Spring break also means that you’ll see a huge increase in people beginning to work out right before their vacation. Spring also means that the three-foot tall mountains of snow are no excuse for not exercising anymore. However, it can still get pretty chilly in the spring. Having the perfect workout clothes is essential in making working out an enjoyable process. Take a look at our Fashionisto here, decked out in the perfect workout gear during this chilly season. As a track star, this Fashionisto definitely knows how important a workout is.

First, he starts off with a comfortable T-shirt and his Harvard track pants. To combat the icy temperatures, he pairs his outfit with an awesome New Balance jacket perfectly complemented by the Harvard logo. After all, there’s no such thing as too much school spirit.

If you’re planning on running outdoors, make sure to wear comfortable running shoes just like these neon-gray shoes pictured here. Lastly, top off your outfit with an awesome headband that keeps you warm as well as shows people that you’re serious about your workouts. Overall, this Fashionisto has the perfect outfit to show off your athletic prowess, by keeping you comfortable throughout your workout while maintaining your sense of style. Follow in the footsteps of this Fashionisto and your workouts are guaranteed to be awesome!

One Simple Change: Heading to a tailgate afterwards? Change into some basketball shorts or jeans, throw on some face paint, and have some fun!