In this part of the South, outdoor exercise is pretty rare. Cold winters coupled with blazing summers leave us a window of about a month each year around Easter and Halloween where it’s acceptable to leave the house for anything more vigorous than a walk to your car. So when the 60-degree mornings hit, you can see runners lining the road on your commute.

This Fashionisto wards off any lingering chills by covering up with lightweight activewear. He starts out with a long sleeve Nike thermal top, layered under an Under Armor HeatGear compression shirt. The thermal top keeps him warm, while the heat gear prevents sweat from building up. These tapered adidas training pants keep him comfortable while providing a cleaner look than standard wide leg trousers. His Yea.Nice beanie is fashionable and charitable because with every purchase, a duplicate is donated.

Like many of us, this star shelled out most of his money on his shoes. His custom Nike Roshes carved a significant amount out of his bank account, but that only helps motivate him. He tells me when he can’t find it in himself to go for a run he thinks of how much he spent on those shoes, and then imagines everything else he gave up buying to afford those shoes.

According to our Fashionisto, dressing well will go a long way towards the encouragement needed to go outside and get active!

One Simple Change: If you’re heading to class, swap the layered tops with a simple graphic T-shirt or polo to keep from looked too relaxed when you visit your professor during office hours.