With summer around the corner, everyone is working toward his or her beach bod in order to achieve the coveted six-pack abs. While planning what tropical islands or resorts to attend, the real question is are you ready to flex those muscles? The taunting Instagram photos of different fitness enthusiasts showing off their physical process can be just the motivation necessary for you to run to the gym. But an essential part of your workout is also dressing the part. You want your outfit to be able to handle the regimen of your workout while looking fashionably sporty-chic. This is no different from what this Fashionista thought about when heading to the gym to begin her workout.

Dressed in official athletic Philadelphia University gear, this Fashionista sports a long sleeve half-zip jacket overtop of a fitted white shirt and black compression tights with black floral Nike athletic sneakers. She accessorizes with a black and sliver sports watch that completes the outfit. Having the appropriate look, this Fashionista is ready to kick off her summer workout regimen.

Follow this Fashionista’s footsteps by figuring out your summer regimen. Are you going for the beach bod or aiming to tone and add some muscles to your physique? Whatever your desire, make sure you’re doing it with style. Nothing is more motivating than feeling good and looking good too.

One Simple Change: Change this look around by replacing the jacket with a fitted top, depending on the weather. Or, you can pair the outfit with some shorts or jeans instead of leggings for a weekend wear look.