As we venture farther and farther from the time of New Year’s resolutions, the motivation to get to the gym is lacking. Now, I don’t know about you, but I tend to take whatever excuse there is to buy cute new clothes, even if it’s new workout gear. So as your motivation fades in the midst of midterms and projects and the million other things filling your schedule, take a minute to pick out a new adorable outfit. Next thing you know, you will be dying to hit the gym and show off your hot new look!

This Fashionista has just the right combination of style and comfort to power through her workout. She decided on some basic black leggings, which are always a good choice because you have endless opportunities as to what pop of color you want to rock. For her pop of color she chose a bright pink Under Armour long sleeve half-zip top. The choice of long sleeves is the perfect protection from the chill of a run outside. Continuing with the pop of bright pink for her run, she added her Nike running shoes.

Seeing as she was going on a run, it was necessary to keep her accessories simple so they wouldn’t interfere with her workout. Finishing off her choice of bright pink she wore her Fitbit flex band. She finished off her accessories with a black SpiBelt to conveniently hold her phone and keys and a black headband. Her accessory choices add some variety to her outfit while still remaining useful to her workout.

Even though working out may not be at the top of our wish list, picking out a cute and bright outfit and adding some fun accessories can make it a much more exciting trip.

One Simple Change: If you want to remain just as comfortable, swap out the half-zip for a light oversized sweater, and you’re ready to hit the books in the library. While you’re at it, swap out the tennis shoes for some cute boots, and you’re ready for class, the library or even a lunch date to catch up with a friend!