Your college gym can be a very intimidating place. From the beginning of spring semester when New Year’s resolutions are in full force up until the week before spring break, the gym is the most overwhelmingly crowded spot on campus. At any hour of the day you might have to wait twenty minutes for a treadmill or elliptical to open up and the chances of getting your hands on some free weights are slim to none.

It can also be hard to find the motivation to get our butts to the gym. But like any Fashionista will tell you, the right outfit can get you through almost any difficult situation. The most important aspect of your gym attire is comfort. Whether you prefer wearing shorts or leggings, a tank top or a long sleeve pullover, you need to be able to get in the best workout possible. While comfort is key, it never hurts to add a small touch of your personal style to your gym gear.

This Fashionista was not hard to miss on her way to the gym. She kept her outfit sleek with a black and gray color scheme, but she added a stylish pop of neon green to her look. What at first looked like an ordinary sports bra, I quickly noticed was built into her tank top. With the added bonus of a bright pop of color, this top could not be anymore effortless when it comes to workout gear.

For the rest of her outfit, she opted for some cropped yoga pants which are perfect for heading straight from the gym to running some errands around town. As for footwear, which is arguably the most important aspect of your workout outfit, she threw on some Nike Free Runs. Simple black tennis shoes are a great investment for your first pair of running shoes because they go with any outfit imaginable and can be worn with outfits outside of the gym. To top off her outfit, she stylishly tied a black zip-up around her waist. The jacket definitely adds another element to her outfit, but it also serves the practical purpose of an extra layer just incase the temperature drops on your walk home.

One Simple Change: Need to cram in some last minute studying after your workout? Put a chunky cardigan in your gym bag and throw it on after your workout so you can take this outfit right to the library.