Motivating yourself to get up and go to the gym can be hard, especially after a night of hanging out with friends or after a long day of classes. But another struggle is going to the gym when temperatures are below zero.

At the gym, most people just wear gym shorts, sweatpants and a T-shirt. It can get tiring putting on those clothes again and again. However, this Fashionisto does not let the cold weather or late nights out stop him. He is motivated to work out in his rocking adidas capris.

Going to the gym with a little extra style helps him stay motivated and looking sharp. The adidas workout capris help bring a little something extra and different to the everyday workout routine. The capris also help with the colder weather during winter. The cool T-shirt with bright graphics adds some style and personality to the outfit. Depending on the different T-shirts, they can add a vintage vibe to the outfit.

This Fashionisto is also wearing flashy gym shoes. Another way to add touches of your own personal flare is through your gym shoes, whether it’s with different colors, styles or cool shoelaces.

Fashionistas/os, try something a little different like these capris or a pair of flashy gym shoes to step up your workout game and get you to the gym.

One Simple Change: To make this outfit fashionable to wear to class or out at night, try adding a stylish jacket or a hoodie.